J. Gaven Wilde on set with his set teacher, Missy Simms and Emjay Anthony

J. Gaven Wilde on the set of A Bad Mom's Christmas with his Studio Teacher and Emjay Anthony.

Ms. Missy was absolutely the BEST Studio Teacher anyone could ask for.  We still keep in touch today!


J. Gaven Wilde on the set of A Bad Moms Christmas with Arianna Greenblatt!

J. Gaven Wilde getting to hang with Ms. Ariana Greenblatt and her photo double on the set of A Bad Mom's Christmas.  What an amazingly talented group of actresses!  Unfortunately, Oona Laurence had already wrapped for the evening.  I really enjoyed getting to work with her photo double as well!


J. Gaven Wilde on set of A Bad Moms Christmas with Emjay Anthony! 

I was so blessed and honored to get to hang with and photo double for the talented Emjay Anthony.  Although we started out with one of the most awkward handshakes, it wound up becoming one of the most laughed about conversations on set! #goodtimes


Making SLIME On Set Down Time! 

I PROMISE we were working hard here!  I'm pretty sure Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, and Susan Sarandon would have loved to have been up here with us!  We may or may not have been making slime while waiting for our scenes! 


A View of Gaven's Trailer!

My accomodations on set were INSANE.  I have got to be the luckiest kid in the world.  I was just honored to get to be cast.  I would have been fine with just hanging outside.  #myowntrailer


 What the crew does once we wrap!

THIS is what happens when you film at a Sky Zone and the crew FINALLY gets a break!  I swear those guys work harder than ANYONE and get such little recognition.  #amazingcrew




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